• Klavierstuck I2:02

frank stemper

for solo piano, [3 mins.]


This short piece for piano was written during the second of three residencies I had in the Austrian Alps at the Viktorsberg International Composers Institute.   Even though the composing studio I was using was a room in  800 A.D. kloster, with windows that looked out across a huge valley to the Swiss Alps, I was having a tough time composing. That summer I was probably going through a stylistic change, and was trying desperately to work out the details.  I can see this now in retrospect, but that summer I just figured that my muse was drying up, and I was a failure as a composer!  Klavierstücke helped me through that period. 

Every single piece I have written has advanced my own personal esthetic.  Each has taught me something that changed the music that I would write after it.  This piece was important to me, because as I was writing it, I realized that I was not, could never be, an experimental composer.  I would always be just a composer, writing from my own instinct — from my soul, my heart.  I suppose any discipline, any occupation, has a series of transformations as one gets closer and closer to understand what they are doing.


Premiered by the composer 8 August 1992 in Viktorsberg, Austria
Subsequent performances by Junghwa Lee include AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, ROMANIA, and the United States