• Isolated Criterion No.15:43
  • Isolated Criterion No.25:35
  • Isolated Criterion No. 35:41
  • Isolated Criterion No. 45:37

frank stemper

Isolated Criteria (2008)
Solos for True String Quartet

Isolated Criterion No.1
for solo 'cello     5'55"
Isolated Criterion No.2
for solo viola     5'32"
Isolated Criterion No.3
for solo c. bass     5'27"
Isolated Criterion No.4
for solo violin     5'30"


Isolated Criteria was commissioned by the Klein Foundation in San Francisco to serve as the mandatory competition pieces – one each for ‘cello, viola, c. bass and violin: (Isolated Criterion No. 1, Isolated Criterion No. 2, etc.) – for the 2008 Irving M. Klein International String Competition.  Each solo is a complete and self-contained statement, but the four can also be performed as a four-movement set, with the order of the pieces left to the performers.  The composer’s ideal is to spread them throughout an entire concert, between other programmed works: Concert-Shuffle-Style! 

Each piece, although isolated from the other four, creates an identical set of emotional circumstances to the others, as perceived through the vantage point of the slightly differing timbre personalities of the string family.  All four then corroborate each other’s testimony of the circumstances, which are obvious.




Last Updated: August 14, 2008