• HOPE9:45

frank stemper

Hope (1996)
for viola and 'cello  -  9 minutes


HOPE (1996) was composed for Tom Flaherty and Cindy Fogg, the husband & wife pair that make up the duo, CELLIOLA.  This duet for viola and cello explores various types of repetition, including repetition of idea, repetition of harmony and a basic pulse, which is perhaps the most primitive type of repetition.  The repetition is rarely exact, developmental and is juxtaposed in the form of a pair of contrary themes, which on the surface don’t seem to fit together.  They do however create a succession of aural events, which should in any case create an emotional effect.  The listener might determine whether or not this succession of events represents, in the end, a positive or negative outcome.  The title indicates the composer’s vote! 





Last Updated: August 14, 2008