• FUNK5:15

frank stemper

FUNK  (1993)

Computer generated sounds:
composed on Macintosh software, Finale, Yamaha TX816 synthesizer,

Oberheim Matrix 6r synthesizer, Roland S220 sampler, Alesis Quadraverb sound processor.



At some point trying to learn computer music software and hardware stopped being merely screwing around and began slipping into my metier.  I’m not sure, but this sketch may be the first.  Don’t know why.  And after this, the technology began influencing the substance – and vice versa.  The limitless timbres bled into orchestration, texture into style, and so on for every imaginable musical parameter.  There are a thousand or so sketches that came before and after FUNK, but for some reason this one stuck.  At least one definition of Art is “junk that never seems to get thrown out.”

The piece was first premiered, er let out in public, 17 February 1994 at a Music From This Century concert at SIU CARBONDALE. 


21 Jan 2018