frank stemper

DREAMS  (1984)
for woodwind quintet [14 min.]

Premiered 13 & 15 February 1988 by Quintette Concorde in Bucharest, Romania
            Subsequent performances in Tokyo, and Eastern and Western Europe
US Premiere 16 March 1989 by the Sylvan Winds in Carnegie Hall



DREAMS unfolds in three continuous sections:

    6 minutes of sustained harmonies with various bursts of energy — building tension
    2 minutes of dense expressionistic music — Simultaneously releasing and building tension
  3. ZANY
    6 minutes of childish meandering events — releasing all tension

Each section is meant to release the tension created by the music preceding it, implying that the first section won’t release any tension, nor with the third create any.  A feature of this music is its lack of transitions, each new one beginning without preparation.  Similarly, the third section consists of many subsections, which appear and disappear as suddenly and without purpose — the way dreams occur. 



Premiered 13 February 1988 by the Quintette Concorde at the American Library in Bucharest, ROMANIA.  They also performed the piece live on Romanian Nation Radio, in Munich (GER) and Tokyo (JAPAN), as well as many additional performances in Europe and the Orient;
American Premiere 16 March 1989 by the Sylvan Winds in CARNEGIE HALL, New York City.

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