The composer conducted

graduate music students from

Southern Illinois University Carbondale:

Danielle Aldach, soprano and vibes
Abigail Simoneau, flute
Derek Emch, clarinet
Joel Auringer, bass clarinet
Edward Charity, violin I
Petra Bubanja, violin II
Jennifer Franlund, viola
Richard Davis, ‘cello
Paul Intravaia, percussion

The video and recording were created by Gregory Wendt and Brian Wagner.

frank stemper

Confluence - (2013)

for soprano, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, string quartet, and percussion



The inspiration for CONFLUENCE is the very ideal which it honors — Higher Education.  As I understand it, the goal of the academy is to seek and disseminate knowledge, and this dual initiative is nothing less than that on which the future of the world and the human species depends.  No more, no less.  While ignorance and greed have been consistent partners in bringing down mankind, enlightenment offers hope for our potential to come.

Just as single brooks and streams come together to create enormous rivers, which then feed into the seas, the creative research by diverse yet common bonded scholars units within the academy in order to expand the body of human knowledge, thus, ensure our future.  Transferring that scholarly bounty to humanity’s greatest resource, the young, completes the cycle of the academy, as new scholars carry on this vital search for enlightenment.

That Northeast Normal University and Southern Illinois University Carbondale have, for thirty years, fused their borderless efforts toward this ideal, is then a broader commitment to the academy.  My brief musical statement consists of several contrasting ideas that eventually flow into a single theme which musically celebrates the CONFLUENCE of the rivers of knowledge produced by the scholarly and academic union of these two institutions.
CONFLUENCE was commissioned by Southern Illinois University Carbondale, by the Office of the Chancellor (Rita Chang) and the SIUC Center for International Education (Carla Coppi).  Its premiere performance was at the 30th Anniversary Celebration in Changchun, China — sent digitally.

19 Jan 2018