frank stemper

        1. …adrift
        2. …a thousand years
        3. Spark…
        4. …my giddy intoxication
        5. …ending the linear waltz
        6. …dust


These pieces were homage to the six piano pieces that Schönberg wrote (Op. 19), which taught me so much about modern music.  Arnie’s six gems, although teeny, were huge in regard to the beginnings of atonal (he preferred to call it “pan-tonal”) and serial music.  But I wrote these pieces also as a revisiting of what I consider my first successful composition Four Piano Pieces (1976), which were written after studying, learning, analyzing – devouring Arnie’s Op. 19.  So on the 30th anniversary of those four pieces, I wrote six more as kind of a personal recapitulation.
Note: the titles were after-thoughts, and are written in the score at the end of each of the short pieces.  I copied this from studying Claude’s (Debussy) Piano Preludes — whether the titles have anything to do with the music is up to each listener.

1 March 2014


  • ...Adrift Six (PIano Pieces No. 1)0:48
  • ...a thousand years (Six Piano Pieces No. 2)1:06
  • spark... (Six Piano Pieces No. 3)1:27
  • giddy intoxication (Six Piano Pieces No. 4)0:49
  • ...ending the linear waltz (Six PIano PIeces No. 5)1:03
  • ...dust (Six Piano Pieces No.6)1:51